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发布时间: 2016 - 03 - 05
新起点 新征程 我们扬帆起航——汉智星科技总部落户“国乐科技园”     辞岁羊毫书捷报,迎春猴棒舞乾坤。2016年3月2日艳阳高照,风和日丽,深圳汉智星科技迎来了2016年第一件喜事:公司乔迁至新办公大楼(深圳市龙华新区大浪街道华宁西路丽荣路国乐科技园3栋8楼)。此次乔迁新址,在汉智星科技发展历程中具有里程碑的意义,将为公司今后的可持续发展奠定了坚实的基础。                            国乐科技园       在公司揭牌仪式上,萦绕着喜庆的气氛。汉智星科技总经理杨东先生、Intel中国区IOTG部技术支持经理刘荣女士、Intel中国区IOTG销售经理Arthur,李轩、夏耿,合作伙伴及汉智星科技的全体员工一起见证了这一激动人心的时刻。我们的合作伙伴航天信息、台集电、集智达、中崎、浩顺、源创、维盟等在内的多家企业,纷纷来到乔迁现场表示祝贺,并参观了装饰一新的办公区和产线,给予了很高的评价。  ...
发布时间: 2016 - 02 - 20
Yangge grand event to report, monkey dance New Year is also presented. On 27 January, shenzhen han wisdom star technology co., LTD. 2016 New Year's eve party held a grand, around 180 people to attend this meeting and the guest, we review meeting, outlook, answering questions, gratitude and recognition, a group of han of star people hand in hand firmly towards 2016. Mr. Yang dong, general manager, delivered a speech The party department employees bring different form, let a person too many things to see performances, dance, singing, routines, stage show, colorful, colorful, and with dr...
发布时间: 2015 - 09 - 29
On August 6, solstice 8, the three-day 2014 industrial computer and embedded system exhibition has officially ended. The exhibition fully displays various embedded technologies such as X86, ARM, ASIC, FPGA and GPU and their innovative applications in various vertical industries to meet the increasingly diverse needs of specialization in various industries. In addition, we will cooperate with the senior management of industrial experts such as industrial control, automation, Internet of things, security monitoring, digital signage, rail transit, medical electronics, automobile electronics and o...
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