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The advantages of electronic whiteboard are introduced briefly

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Electronic whiteboard is collected cutting-edge electronic technology, software technology and other high-tech research and development of high-tech products, it through the application of electromagnetic induction principle, combined with computer and projector, can realize the paperless office and teaching, and simply introduces the advantages of electronic whiteboard below:

1, we usually meet, speaker need to keep on the whiteboard writing their own focus on key points, while listening to people just need to keep records, afraid of missing something, had the electronic whiteboard after just listening, people writing after the speech, just click on the button or press the remote control, you can put the whiteboard writing the contents of the whole print down, it only takes a few seconds; Or use the computer, just click the button or press the remote control can be put on a whiteboard writing the contents of the input to the computer, and perfect is very convenient, has a common whiteboard incomparable advantages.

2, ordinary whiteboard writing after a period of time, usually the ink stains, it is difficult to wipe, electronic whiteboard use the whiteboard model with better quality, with a brush, can wipe very clean, deserve to go up again manufacturer whiteboard detailer, regular care, make new white board commonly used often.

3, electronic whiteboard due to mould is used to write, you can make it more handwriting panel, side writing can turn to the next level, in addition, in order to meet the needs of the modern office, jas valley electronic white board has a few product is one of the electronic whiteboard width to the projection screen, more convenient company meeting demand, we can write to write, to projection, not need to open the curtain, simply click on the button, the whiteboard will automatically change to the projection screen.

4, and the electronic whiteboard and other electronic products, updated quickly, at present, a new type of interactive electronic whiteboard can do the document in the computer or a picture can be displayed on the whiteboard, we only need a electronic pen, can any computer revised on the whiteboard, and wide can be bigger than the teaching with blackboard, it is more convenient for our teaching and meeting. In addition, it can connect with video conference system to realize teleconferencing and teleconferencing.

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