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The latest 1U server is out in volume

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The company has three 1U products,1U250A1 and 1U250A2 respectively. U250b 1 4 billion so u250b Intel Atom dual-core D525 processor (45 nm, 1.80 GHz, 1 MB level2 cache) using Intel Atom D525 + 1 u250a1 NM10 high-speed chipset four billion support Intel Xeon 2.6 G dual-core hyper-threading processor (integrated 512 KB l2 cache) high-speed chipset Intel 943 gm + 8201 gb 1 u250a2 seven so support for Intel Socket 775 dual-core, quad-core processor adopts Intel G41+ICH7R chipset Intel gma4500 graphics card (Shared memory 128/224mb)

The so-called 1U server is a high-availability and high-density low-cost server platform, which is specially designed for the special application industry and high-density computer environment. They can start their own operating systems on a local hard drive, such as Windows NT/2000/2003, Linux, Solaris, etc

U is a unit that represents the external dimensions of a server and is an abbreviation for unit. The detailed dimensions are determined by the us electronic industry association (EIA), an industry group. The purpose of sizing the server is to keep the server in the appropriate size to fit on an iron or aluminum frame. The rack has a fixed screw hole in the server so that it can be numbered against the server's screw hole, which is then screwed in to facilitate the installation of the space required for each server.

The dimensions specified are the server's width (48.26cm = 19 inches) and height (4.445cm multiple). Because the width is 19 inches, the frame that meets this requirement is sometimes called "19 inch frame". The thickness is 4.445cm. 1 u is 4.445 cm

The so-called "1U PC server" is a product that meets EIA specifications and has a thickness of 4.445cm. Products designed to fit into a 19-inch cabinet are commonly referred to as rack servers

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