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Hanzhi xing technology 2016 spring reception party

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Yangge grand event to report, monkey dance New Year is also presented. On 27 January, shenzhen han wisdom star technology co., LTD. 2016 New Year's eve party held a grand, around 180 people to attend this meeting and the guest, we review meeting, outlook, answering questions, gratitude and recognition, a group of han of star people hand in hand firmly towards 2016.

Hanzhi xing technology 2016 spring reception party

Mr. Yang dong, general manager, delivered a speech

 The party department employees bring different form, let a person too many things to see performances, dance, singing, routines, stage show, colorful, colorful, and with draw link, with the grand prize, first prize, second prize, third prize and ministerial levels... And additional cash award extraction, the annual meeting continues to raise the climax. The scene is not only filled with laughter, but also brings colleagues closer to each other. Company leadership and staff interaction, game exciting sweepstakes, make laughter, applause and cheers always rippling on the venue, the whole party all climax, present a han star, the joy of the family harmony.

Here are some of the highlights of the day:

The first party of the annual conference: wish 2016 we strive to grow together!

The year 2015 is the year that the company inherited the past and the future. Success is accompanied by hardship, harvest is accompanied by sweat. In every busy and fulfilling day, we usher in a New Year of 2016!

Hanzhi xing technology 2016 spring reception party

Hanzhi xing technology 2016 spring reception party

The second party of the annual conference: recognize our continued success in 2016!

So far, the company has developed rapidly. And today's achievement, cannot leave the leadership of the leadership, also cannot leave the team cooperation, even more outstanding staff, outstanding team of selfless dedication, the day with a good staff, excellent team and sales elite, 56 awards, such as the company's brilliant because of their hard work.

Hanzhi xing technology 2016 spring reception party

2016, full of gratitude and enthusiasm, we are here!!
Happy New Year and a happy family!

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