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IDF seem to have "your innovation is the source of excitement 】" han wisdom star technology wisdom c

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For 2 days, in order to "excellent is the result of your innovation" as the theme of the global industry technology summit - information technology summit in 2016, Intel (Intel Developer Forum, IDF) officially kicked off in sheraton shenzhen futian hotel! At the exhibition site, Intel, together with many partners, presented the intelligent interconnection solution for the future in a 360-degree all-round way.



Han of star science and technology as a core Intel iot ODM partners, closely with Intel "all things digital", "cloud", "smart + connected world" three major themes, with machine vision, cloud and big data terminal, intellectual education, such as the network security industry solutions at the IDF.



Machine vision gives the machine a pair of "smart eyes" to see the world

Under the influence of global industry 4.0, machine vision, as an important part of intelligent manufacturing, is playing an increasingly important role. Machine vision for the traditional artificial visual inspection of alternative to the more pressing, machine vision in accuracy, speed, repeatability is better than the human eye visual inspection. Han wisdom star technology research and development of machine vision controller based on the Intel Broadwell platform, an HDMI output, two gigabit front-end ports, guarantee the stability of the camera access, has been widely used in quality inspection, packaging, robot localization, packaging, etc.



              Smart cloud terminal solution and big data service

"+" Internet era, the cloud terminal and big data is now increasingly penetrated into people's life, from the mobile application to daily consumption, from transportation to wisdom city, the future will be inseparable from the cloud terminal solutions and data services. Hanzhi xing's B853 is based on Intel's Bay Trail platform, 2*Intel 825746* rs232/10 *RS232, 9-36v wide voltage, widely used in intelligent express cabinet, intelligent education, intelligent transportation intelligent POS machine.




Finally, we will present you a beautiful photo of the exhibition


IDF seem to have

IDF seem to have

IDF seem to have

IDF seem to have

IDF seem to have

IDF seem to have 图片7.jpg


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