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Mr. Todd Paredes, director of the marketing and cooperation department of the Internet of things (io

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Morning of April 15, Intel's us headquarters iot market and channel cooperation department director Mr Todd Paredes, Intel China intelligent systems division development manager ms GiGi line access han wisdom star, han wisdom star of machine vision in the application of Internet of things project. Mr. Todd Paredes and Ms. GiGi are welcomed by President Yang of hanzhi xing technology. He believes that the Internet of things is an important part of the new generation of information technology and that the exchanges and communication between the two sides are very necessary.

General manager Yang explained the development history, company structure, r&d strength and future development strategy and prospect of the Internet of things industry. Mr. Yang thanked Intel for its all-round support and would like to continue to strengthen communication and cooperation with Intel. Ms. Ada xiuying, foreign trade manager of hanzhi xing, introduced the product line of hanzhi xing in the Internet of things industry and the project development of machine vision.


Photo shows the two sides taking a photo (first from Mr. Yang, third from left: Intel Todd Paredes, fourth from left: Ms. GiGi of Intel)

 Mr. Todd Paredes, director of Intel's Internet of things (iot), affirmed hsi's investment in r&d and technology accumulation in the iot industry, especially in machine vision. Mr. Todd Paredes introduced the current situation of Intel's Internet of things industry and the focus of its future development. He said Intel will step up efforts to support the development of hsi in various fields of the Internet of things.




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