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2016 Intel & hanzhi star technology iot product conference

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On June 22, 2016, Intel - han wisdom star technology iot product launch in Intel under the organization of Arthur, came to the beautiful scenery of zhoushan, zhejiang, held at zhujiajian pointed greentown westin resort hotel, the participants have Intel Arthur. Yang and other leaders and a number of customers and the company personnel.

Meeting begins by Yang dong han wisdom star technology co., LTD. General manager announced that the conference opening, and make a brief introduction to our company, thanks to Arthur. Yang and other leaders and a number of customer support, and the support of the Chinese wisdom star technology.


                                       Han zhi xing technology Yang general address

  Intel Mr Jimmy for Intel processor, network, Wan Zhao optical fiber, and other products are explained, and the 2016 Intel's emphasis on Internet gateway and assist the vendor development and application of intelligent products, and said it would and the depth of han wisdom star technology closer cooperation.


    Intel Jimmy speech

 During the meeting, Mr. Xie shaoying, the r&d director of hanzhi xing technology, made a detailed introduction from the design and planning of the following product lines: and focused on the planning of the latest products.
1. Industrial automation control
2. OPS digital label and smart education product
3. Network security is intelligent
4. No fan and industrial control


 Han zhi xing technology shaoying xie speech

 The Intel always made a concluding speech for the conference, and made a detailed introduction the Intel product line, and explained the forthcoming ApolloLake and KabyLake products related information, we han wisdom star will pay close attention to the progress of the two products, and plan accordingly.


    Intel thanks

 After the meeting, all the staff took photos in the lobby of the hotel

Took a group photo


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