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"Intel" hand in hand with "research area industrial control" to jointly build intelligent things

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On March 9, 2017, sponsored by Intel, to build "new retail wisdom, wonderful content union" as the theme of the 2017 national-level Intel Internet retail industry chain from JW marriott hotel Shanghai new development in the asia-pacific. Intel to han wisdom star technology and other Internet of new retail partners in Shanghai, to discuss China's wisdom and retail industry development trend and the future of new retail model, in order to promote intellectual content and offer education resource sharing ideas.

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(Arthur Yang, sales and marketing manager at Intel, speaks)

This exhibition aims to promote the development of new Internet of things retail, shorten the distance between major suppliers and customers in the industrial control industry, and achieve win-win cooperation. Iot has the most complete professional iot product line in the industry, covering applications ranging from sensors and controllers to cloud computing. Products and services intelligent home, transportation and logistics, environmental protection, public safety, intelligent fire control, industrial monitoring, personal health and other fields. Constructed the "good quality, strong technical, professional, low cost, meet customer demand" of the comprehensive advantages, continue to provide customers with competitive products and services, at the same time, the Internet of things industry is in the world today one of the strategic high ground for the development of economy and technology.徐民.jpg

(Intel product marketing manager xu min speaks)

To promote the development of the smart retail industry in the Internet of things, Intel has launched a variety of new programs in various industries, including OPS education, iot healthcare, smart home and so on. With the development of China's economy and strong support from the government, education informatization has made great progress in recent years. Intel and many eco-chain partners and media are committed to promoting the informatization development of education.会议-2.jpg

(hanzhi xing technology and partners meeting)

Wisdom class end-to-end solutions, is not limited to education interactive electronic whiteboard solutions and open and plug specification, is committed to the recorded in including education system, cloud class, such as the control center research and development and investment products and solutions. Through multiple products and solutions based on Intel technology, han wisdom star technology hope together with our cooperative partners, and jointly create high-definition interactive, flexible expansion, the wisdom of the remote management class, truly achieve "Internet +" education.


(hanzhi xing technology and partners meeting)

Whether electronic whiteboard, or cloud computing, education cloud platform, cloud medical treatment, intelligent household and so on the series, from the front to the scene similar to the processing of workstation, and then to a cloud platform, the integration mode of end to end, or from a similar mesh tube on such a big architecture scheme has rich products, greatly promote the industry in the development of mobility, interconnectedness, and user experience.酒会.jpg

(cocktail party)

Iot era for the health care industry to promote the main through the cloud computing or other virtualization technology, the medical personnel to obtain real-time information, and based on these data make proper medical judgment, not only ensure the immediate treatment, the effect of the treatment is also promoted. The Internet of things is used in medical care system to realize active treatment and improve accuracy in diagnosis. In addition, the ability of physicians to intervene immediately and the effectiveness of treatment has also been improved, and patients' trust in medical institutions has also increased.


(cocktail party)

Future han wisdom star science and technology will continue to work with Intel in product research and development, industry analysis, marketing and other aspects further strategic cooperation, the overall layout of the Internet of things in the industry of smart retail, finance, intelligent transportation, wisdom education, network security, cloud computing, and other industries, composed with Intel China grand blueprint of the Internet of things.

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