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[direct attack] "research area industrial control" with OPS+ new product appearance visual retail se

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On April 12, 2017, Intel vision retail industry seminar themed "smart retail and creating the future" was held in Beijing beichen intercontinental hotel. As an embedded system solution provider of intelligent materials alliance, hanzhixing technology (r&d industrial control) is invited to attend this exhibition. The exhibition aims to build a bridge for guests and industry partners to explore opportunities and challenges in the new era of smart retail.


(remarks by Michael Xu, retail manager, Intel Internet sales)

With the rapid development of the information industry and the rapid development of various products of independent innovation, video technology has become the core technology of much attention. In the context of InfoComm, video technology is the core of this seminar. Research domain engineering control with high quality products and services in the field of embedded industry application for many years, and has spent a lot of research and development in this field, many of which application solutions, for the user experience, and made important contribution to the development of industry. This seminar, industry partners bring rich product solutions and products equipment, covers a very wide range, in addition to the application of the video industry, also include retail, banking, medical and so on various aspects.


(Jose Avalos, global director of visual retail, vice President of Intel's Internet of things business)

Jose Avalos, global director of vision retail, vice President of Intel Internet of things, delivered a speech on "win-win cooperation -- Intel vision retail strategy and solutions". The advent of the Internet of things, he said, prompting network connected to tens of thousands of sensing device, the progressive realization of intelligent life is rapidly changing the various industries, retailing is happening on a global scale. Future-oriented, Intel hopes to do the high value of China's retailing partners, committed to the transformation of traditional retail industry, promote the comprehensive development of the real economy and promoting consumption upgrading, achieve the promise of intelligent upgrade for the whole industry. In addition also introduced the Intel visual retail development in the future strategic direction, to the industry partners show Intel Internet of things online, offline integration trend, emphasized in the future will be and the general partners to promote the development of retail solutions for application.

【直击】“研域工控”携OPS+新品亮相视觉零售研讨会 (Intel has so far announced support)

Later, Intel released the OPS + standard, Intel OPS + is based on the powerful features of the former generation of OPS, includes including Intel xeon processor, Intel desktop processor and FPGA, Intel more Intel family chip, at the same time can also be in accordance with the industry special customization requirements, such as support for synchronous display, radio function, 8 k hd display, as well as drive three 4 k hd display output, etc. As the latest standard of OPS module, OPS+ inherits the standard size of OPS. The interface adopts 60+80Pin interface, which enhances the output bandwidth of 4K video. As one of the standard setters of OPS+, industrial control in the research area also presented OPS73 and S735Q of OPS+ standard products.

【直击】“研域工控”携OPS+新品亮相视觉零售研讨会 (Intel meets with rda industrial control)

Intel told the roundtable that as the display became thinner, energy-efficient performance became more critical. Subsequently, Intel provided the specification and reference design of intelligent display module (Intel SDM), which can be integrated into the thinnest integrated design. Intel SDM in by far the smallest products provided open and pluggable specification the same intelligence and interoperability, don't need a shell, and promote the development of the most frivolous integrated display.

【直击】“研域工控”携OPS+新品亮相视觉零售研讨会 (r&d industrial control product display)

Research domain as Intel joined together to promote OPS control in the specification of manufacturers, grow up together with domestic manufacturers, OPS, OPS - C, OPS - C + three generations of standard, now with the release of a new generation of OPS + standard, has formed a complete set of education wisdom electronic whiteboard solutions.

【直击】“研域工控”携OPS+新品亮相视觉零售研讨会 (visual retail industry seminar panorama)

In the era of "Internet plus", more and more traditional retail stores, with the help of information science and technology, will be more vigorous. Research domain in the control does not forget the beginner's mind at the same time, conform to the changes in the era of reform, seize new opportunities full layout in the Internet of things industry smart retail, finance, intelligent transportation, wisdom education, network security, cloud computing, and other industries, and its own technological innovation capability, committed to help clients transform data into value, realize intelligent retail beautiful blueprint!

The following is the detailed introduction of OPS73, the standard product of OPS+, which is featured in this exhibition.








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