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Love is strong, May Day, happy afternoon

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"Shu shushu counted huangmei rain, but it was a double fifth." A circulating for more than two thousand years of folk festival "Dragon Boat Festival", through the vast history of smoke, passing on a singing national and patriotic cantos of culture breath, in the turbulent years of washing, like a gorgeous rainbow, reflects the ancient civilizations with a long history.


In order to make the employees feel that circulated in one thousand traditional patriotic holiday, promote and develop Chinese traditional culture, to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival is coming, let everybody experience festal atmosphere, feel the family warmth, enhance company cohesion, strengthen the communication and contact between each department colleagues. On the second day of the fifth lunar month, shenzhen hanzhi xing technology co., LTD. Held the Dragon Boat Festival tea party themed "May Day, happy Dragon Boat Festival".

I know the history of Dragon Boat Festival


"Dragon Boat Festival is also called" DuanYangJie ", "" the midday festival, Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional festival of the Chinese people of all ethnic groups to commemorate qu yuan, as a talented, independently of chu qu, which spread all over China, folk culture sharing, qu yuan of the well known celebrities, back to the pure feelings of the Chinese nation.

"May 5th, duanyang. The door is covered with incense. Eat zongzi and sprinkle with sugar. The dragon boat went into the water rejoicing. At the event, the host explained the names and customs of the Dragon Boat Festival. The partners have a new and deeper understanding of this traditional patriotic festival with a history of more than 2,000 years.

Dance art Dragon Boat Festival - "treading the waves" hot dance


There was a burst of singing and dancing at the meeting, and a happy and lively ode to the sea began the activity. Wang's assistant started dancing, and then everyone followed wang's steps and played with the dance. The sensational and shocking dance will bring the enthusiastic opening atmosphere to the joy.

Matinee duanwu - questions


Is joy after the dance contest questions of memory, from the original host to introduce you to dragon boat culture to ask questions, answer not partner to offer individual performances, get your short-term memory.

Compare art Dragon Boat Festival - idiom to connect the dragon


In this round of game, many people are very skillful and the idioms are perfectly matched. The most interesting thing is that the members of the axis must shout "I am in the bridal chamber, XXXX". This will bring joy to its climax.


Dragon Boat Festival - word competition

The colleagues selected by the host form a team, one person performs the action play, and the rest compete for the guess. When it comes to words that are hard to express, the exaggerated movements and expressions of the actor lead to the laughter and joy of the whole audience.

Mysterious Dragon Boat Festival -- "mind reading"

 The mystery show, "mind reading", is where the magician reads the Numbers that are in the minds of the primary voters, who are determined by the paper balls thrown by the magician. In the process of performance, it seems to blend time into magic and draw the audience into the magic situation. After two rounds of "reading the heart", the exquisite magic technique triggered the whole hall cheers, exclamations repeatedly.

Dragon Boat Festival - dumplings, eggs


Like eggs, zongzi is an important food for the Dragon Boat Festival. It is said that eating zongzi gives birth to heart. People generally believe that eating zongzi can keep the heart spirit from losing money. In order to give you a deeper understanding of this traditional folk custom, the festival has given this traditional food a new form.

Along with the activity, a kind of warm, happy taste with the thick dumplings incense filled. Through this activity, it further shortens the distance between the partners of hanzhi xing science and technology, and enhances the feelings of the members of the research community.

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