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[disclosure] RCA was launched in RCA with new retail intelligent equipment

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On June 18, 2017, the "retail reload play" (RCA) BBS, hosted by Intel, was held at the ruitu hotel in Venice, shenzhen. As an embedded system solution provider of smart object alliance, hanzhi xing technology (r&d industrial control) was invited to attend BBS. BBS is designed to provide retailers and industry partners with the technology and solutions needed to adapt to a rapidly growing retail market. A number of retail leaders have introduced the latest intelligent retail products, and industry representatives have given in-depth presentations on the development trend of intelligent retail technology and the Internet of things market.


At BBS, Intel explained to guests the business model and retail solutions for global retailers in building an ecosystem, and Shared the latest RSD solutions and technologies. Intel partners in this BBS also brought a number of forward-looking keynote speeches. The BBS for retailers and retail ecosystem suppliers to provide a common discussion to explore how to use the retail business advantages and opportunities continue to expand the market bridge, let guests present needed to understand the latest retail market solutions and practical experience.


(speech by Kim Cheol, director of asia-pacific marketing, retail solutions, Intel Internet of things division)

Smart retail is not just about owning a digital signage or navigator, but about connecting different smart devices to the cloud or gateway and making them intelligent. Intel provides a wealth of software and hardware solutions and services to help customers and users get the best solutions quickly. Whether it is visual or transactional, Intel has a wealth of examples, designs and standards for reference.


(Ooi Ping Chuin, Asia technical director, retail solutions, Intel Internet of things division, speaks)

Intel iot business and retail solutions Asia technical director Ooi, Ping Chuin, said sensing technology can help realize face recognition function, can not touch screen can be realized on the remote manual control of the machine. This will enhance the health situation of equipment not only, more important is also can realize the interaction with consumers, retailers can even through the facial recognition function, understand every customer's toward the face. In the smart shelves and digital signage is a very practical application, businesses can know the customer for the product to rest time, at any time and arrange goods according to this, and advertising design optimization. At the same time, the platform can also provide more convenient solutions for customers to select products for shopping. By examining customer data, we can think about customers' thoughts on goods and purchase behaviors, and provide sales plans and products for each customer according to the thinking results.


(r&d industrial control product display)

As the inviter of BBS, r&d industrial control (hanzhi xing technology) carries three intelligent products to BBS. Among them, the whole aluminum alloy process of the industrial plate and double - screen POS machine is the most representative. Thanks to the all-aluminum body and the advanced hardware such as the low power series motherboard controlled by the research area, this industrial plate is a non-fan passive heat dissipation design, which can run stably with low power consumption for a long time. With its tiny fuselage and fan-free architecture, it is an industrial product but has the advantage of being portable. And double screen POS machine is double screen, before and after they have benefited from its synchronous asynchronous recommend commodities, shopping lists, settlement amount shown, face recognition, such as multi-functional, as the retail merchants and consumers at the same time the visual impact and the convenience of settlement. In addition, it has a wide range of applications, whether in restaurants or retail malls, as long as it involves the retail payment and settlement industry.


(hu lijun, product manager of r&d industrial control, introduces products to guests)

Retail industry under the penetration of the Internet giant industrial upgrading, raised from sales scenarios to promotion way, Internet access and payment and so on a series of revolutionary change, as the core hardware technology and function of higher requirements are put forward. Research field of industrial control as the wisdom couplet embedded system solutions, large data collection using two big changes, and the mobile Internet becomes mainstream retail hardware intelligent, payment will be digital, so as to coordinate the development of new retail. New retail to the retail and trade integration, both the implementation of cloud architecture and big data mining and utilization, will promote the development of new retail hardware and ecosystem and the integration of new retail.


(media interviews)

Digital technology has revolutionised consumer behaviour, while incentives from social media and online shopping are accelerating in the direction of shopping. At the same time, inventory problem is also an important competitive advantage. Reasonable inventory is the guarantee for the coordination of commercial costs and profits. Retailers should use a wealth of technology and tools from online to offline to develop a full-channel strategy to maintain customer loyalty.


(industry partners and guests)

In the future, in the development of the Internet of everything era, hardware and solutions will be more deeply integrated, and the value of big data will gradually highlight and promote a new round of innovative applications in the field of business display. We will continue to march forward hand in hand with Intel, in product research and development, industry analysis, marketing and other aspects the deeper strategic cooperation, the overall layout of the Internet of things in the industry of smart retail, finance, intelligent transportation, wisdom education, network security, cloud computing, and other industries, finally realize all the wisdom of the urban ecosystem of the Internet.

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