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Q4, 2017 hanzsung-intel technology seminar

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On November 23, the Intel 2017 Q4 HANZSUNG E2E WORKSHOP jointly organized by Intel and HANZSUNG (HANZSUNG) was held in the conference room on the second floor of baoli intercontinental hotel, foshan, guangzhou. Yang jun, customer sales manager for Intel China, and Yang dong, chairman of HANZSUNG, attended the meeting.

2017第四季度HANZSUNG - INTEL技术研讨会

Conference, HANZSUNG agreed with Intel for further cooperation, Intel by the application of new technology product in HANZSUNG understand the performance and characteristics of while HANZSUNG trust in Intel technology and resources to expand more product solutions, better service to the society.

2017第四季度HANZSUNG - INTEL技术研讨会

During the meeting, Intel led and introduced the retail market solutions of Intel in China, the latest product line diagram of Intel Internet of things business division and the eighth generation processor coffee lake. According to Intel's interpretation, the top executives at HANZSUNG's meeting held heated discussions. Especially in the introduction to the Intel processor of the upcoming eighth generation coffee lake, HANZSUNG attending numerous research and development and technical personnel to give a high degree of affirmation, lake and the coffee is applied to the performance of the product after full of expectation.

2017第四季度HANZSUNG - INTEL技术研讨会

In the Internet age, the intelligent products has gradually penetrated into all aspects of social life, provide people with great convenience, and the intelligent product is inseparable from all kinds of auxiliary control computer hardware. HANZSUNG as brand in the industrial control industry, on the premise of following industry development trend, with independent research and development as the guidance, and make full use of new technologies, new ideas, reasonable layout of the product direction, tailored for customers more high-quality product solutions. The current HANZSUNG product line covers dozens of areas including intelligent transportation, healthcare, the Internet of things, intelligent equipment and aviation. The latest products and technologies of the Internet of things Shared by HANZSUNG and INTEL at this conference have helped HANZSUNG to explore new markets and quickly master new technologies of INTEL's new platform.

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