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Winter cycling, accompanied by joy

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Development of enterprise depends on customers, products and employees, treat customers, han wisdom star technology with perfect sound customer service system, to product, han wisdom star always grasp the latest technology, with rigorous scientific attitude to ensure excellent quality of products, and treat employees, han wisdom star technology give is comfortable office environment, and rich and colorful amateur life, harmonious atmosphere like a big family, let everyone enjoy a sense of belonging.

On December 2, hanzhi xing technology research and development center and product center jointly organized an outdoor collective travel activity -- dongguan huangniu pu forest park cycling. A group of more than 30 people arrived at their destination in an atmosphere of excitement and joy.


Some say the smartest people in the business are the people who do the technical work, but they are also the ones who lack the most movement cells. Actually not, after arriving at the destination, the people of hanzhi xing r&d center and product center couldn't wait to start cycling. The crowd did not have the air of a professional rider, but they did not lose the passion of being the first one on the scheduled 10-kilometer course.


Activities mainly to relax the mood, of course, the lead, racing cycling condition is the man's patent, han zhi star science and technology r&d center & product center also thering is no lack of beauty, the scenery along the way for beautiful to love their natural can't let go, in a comfortable ride side chat, while enjoying the nice view, also give a person a kind of leisurely and comfortable satisfaction. Take pictures of beautiful things.


It was winter and the day was sunny. Under the warm sun, and his colleagues smooth ride, appreciate the scenery, feel han wisdom under the harmonizing atmosphere of a star science and technology, in the south, maybe can't help open up an extreme dissatisfaction to northern friends: this winter is not too cold!

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