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It is a most painful thing for a man to work with his head down, if he does not move his limbs frequently. "-- Leo Tolstoy
The benign operation of the enterprise, in addition to the communication of the smooth, will gather and conglobation, active and progressive atmosphere is indispensable, of course, health is the root of the development of all things - as a starting point, on December 9, 2017, han wisdom star science and technology in the department Chinese science and technology park held a "fly strong physical fitness heart qi" as the theme of the winter fun games.
At 13pm, all the staff finished the assembly. After that, the general manager of the general manager office wang assisted the company in mobilizing the speech, encouraging all the athletes to show their style and grace, and wished the games a complete success, and then announced the opening of the games.

The games have two-way tug-of-war, three four, dresses, relay, collective rope skipping, crabs back watermelon, ball and so on, both show team collaboration, there is also a test of personal power. Competitive on the pitch, is joy abnormalities, suffered a tug of war for a long time, there are four feet, three people have dress relay race against time, have a collective jump rope pull synchronization, have crabs back watermelon antics, also have equilibrium stability of the ball, the scene almost every moment are not the same wonderful, compared to the competitive state of athletes, the side of cheerleaders also spare no effort to give cheers applause.激情运动场,趣味汉智星

The game was brilliant and full of climax. Mr. Yang dong, the general manager of hanzhi xing, and his wife attended the event in person, which made the atmosphere of the games more enthusiastic. Games draws to a close, in a cheer all the winners receive the due reward, at the same time to participate in the games also harvest the joy, all the people in the busy work a rare relaxed.激情运动场,趣味汉智星

Joy is can pass the infection, a special games that han wisdom star technology the feel the sports charm, all people to share the joy of movement at the same time, also felt from han star warm friendship between each other. In fact, the essence of sports is not the result, but the process, participation, integration, feeling is a success. This is a perfect sports meeting, and is also the epitome of han zhi xing people's concerted efforts and progress. In fact, the wish is far, beautiful in front of.激情运动场,趣味汉智星

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