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Don't forget to start a new heart and be grateful for moving forward

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On January 26, 2018, it is a day worthy of celebration for rda industrial control. Today, rda industrial control sincerely invites many guests and friends to gather together for the spring reception dinner of "innovation & gratitude ceremony".


Dinner in the research domain engineering departments of the New Year began, the exciting opening dance, "water inspired moments to detonate full-court atmosphere, a song, dance, host elegant figure appeared on the stage heralds the beginning of dinner.


At a dinner party, industrial control board chairman Mr Yang dong research domain address published in the New Year, Yang said that in 2017, the research domain engineering achieved leap-forward development, industrial development cannot leave the research domain of diligently enterprising, more can't depart from the support of industry chain partners and customers trust. The year 2018 is a New Year. As always, rda will join hands with all of you to share the brilliant future. The theme of the dinner was "create and be grateful". Mr. Yang said that it was a prerequisite for the development of industrial control in the research area to never forget the heart of starting a business and always be grateful for moving forward. Yang, general speaking, both the summary of the past year, also have a plan for the aims of the New Year, more shows the research domain of control in the future outlook, to speak to someone in the place more confidence, more has a look forward to, when speaking at the end of the game there was a big round of applause.

不忘初创之心,感恩前行 Dinner show compact arrangement, and rich, YouYan domain engineering control handsome guy pretty girl, spun a witty humor comedy, the special hair salon, a dazzling like the illusion of "black and white" dance, there are many people in conformity with the little dance, festive of the good fortune to have a representative, more professional actors running time, feel the natural beauty of "peacock", imitating lifelike cross-dressing songs yugang li impersonators etc, wonderful show the scene with applause and cheers, many mobile phone screen during the whole dinner will never standby, kaka shooting sound waves, It's good to have one of the hand salute prepared by the research area industrial control -- charging treasure. Otherwise, such a wonderful dinner really needs to miss a lot of pictures.


Dinner, a warm atmosphere of infection with everyone, total, product center, research and development center xie Yang jiang manager also together chorus song "we are not the same, as the lyrics sung" the day you and I together hold up, more efforts for tomorrow we want ". Today we are happy as a result of our efforts yesterday. 2018 and beyond, we will be better and better.

不忘初创之心,感恩前行 Dinner is a Thanksgiving celebration, and winter jasmine, the party of the most anticipated is certainly the award ceremony, the dinner with gaps in a wonderful show, if according to normal time distribution, the party around 9:30 in the evening at the end of the already, but there is more than wonderful program is impressive, emerge in endlessly, and rising Numbers of award-winning makes the scene all climax, continuously stimulate the nerve of the scene all, the party continued until near the end.

不忘初创之心,感恩前行 Golden bowed out and red Spring Festival, research domain engineering ", a Thanksgiving celebration, "in the end to the strains of" unforgettable tonight, at this time the end of the herald a new beginning, industrial research domain and meet you in the coming year, to renew friendship, impregnated festival.

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