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Industrial control motherboard and commercial motherboard are different

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1. The dimensions

Business motherboard: ATX architecture is mainly adopted at present.

Industrial motherboards: in order to adapt to a variety of application environments, a variety of sizes of motherboards are adopted, including ATX, micro-atx, LPX, POS and other specifications.

2. Extension slot support

Commercial mainboard, often can only provide 4 PCI slots!

Industrial motherboard: because of the industrial nature of its design materials, its support for PCI slot can be easily realized to support 5 PCI, and will not cause the decline of PCI drive capacity. It also supports pci-e devices with high bandwidth. With ISA slot, good support for industrial ISA low speed acquisition card, data card can be realized. Embedded GPIO bus can realize GPI and GPO functions.

3. Used component 2

Commercial motherboard: because of the timeliness of the products pursued and the market positioning of its own products, the selection requirements of components generally only need to meet the service life of the system running for 2 to 3 years

Industrial motherboards: materials will be selected after a long time, high requirements of verification components, to ensure the product in bad conditions of high reliability requirements. For example, some solid-state capacitors, closed inductors, etc. only appear in servers and high-end commercial motherboards. 3

4. Operating environment

Industrial motherboard often work under bad environment (long hours, bad weather, humidity, vibration, dusty, radiation, high temperature, etc.), and the environment is the commercial motherboard is not up to, today's commercial motherboard most can only be run in a stable environment (working time is short, the interior and normal temperature).

5. The life cycle

The market of commercial main board changes quite quickly, so the life cycle of the general commercial board is only six months to one year

6. Product reliability"

Commercial motherboard: generally, only CCC certification, Great Wall certification and civil electromagnetic compatibility certification are required for electronic products

Industrial motherboard: because it is for industrial market, thus solving the reliability of need, in every kind of main board in front of the public can do CE, EMC, FCC, QA realbility, CCC, vibration, drop test certification and other industrial requirements.

7. administrative

Business motherboard: only the simplest remote management (by connecting to the network, using the third party's software, such as REAL VNC, PC ANYWHARE, etc.);

Industrial motherboard: in addition to similar remote connection management, it can also realize remote unattended automatic switch functions. Through the embedded IPMB and smnp-1000 module, the management, recording and sending function of real-time information can be realized.

8. customization

Business motherboard: once produced, it can no longer be changed according to the market demand.

Industrial motherboard: in the industrial field, it can flexibly meet the special needs of some customers and realize the customization of users, so as to better and more perfectly match the user's demand environment.

9. The storage interface

Business motherboard: only common storage interface IDE, SATA;

Industrial motherboard: can provide IDE, SATA, SCSI, CF card, DOC and other storage interface requirements.

10. Protection function

Commercial motherboard: does not provide any protection or poorly protection industrial motherboard: through the special design, to meet a crash anomalies, such as can realize watchdog restart automatically, anti surge shock, and other functions, to ensure system stability in harsh environment of high requirements.

11. Working temperature

Commercial motherboard: it can only be used in the external environment between 5 and 38 degrees.

Industrial motherboards: can work stably between 0 and 60 degrees, even some industrial motherboards adopt wide temperature design, the temperature range can reach -20 degrees ~70 degrees

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