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Tell everyone how to maintain the mainboard

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First, after cleaning the main board for a long time, there will be a thick layer of dust on the board, which is the key to the problems of the main board.

Dust regularly cleaned the mainboard, unplug the power supply first and then open the box, do not touch the mainboard, should look for some of the larger metal objects to remove themselves with electrostatic, in case burn out tiny electronic originals, motherboard, memory, and then pull out all the insert CARDS power plug, demolition of motherboard screw out the mainboard, use a soft brush to remove dust

Second, the renovation method is better than dust removal, it is a bit annoying and careful. Take out the main board and unplug the card, memory stick, battery, radiator and CPU, and take off the energy. Then put the motherboard into pure water, wash clean with brush, use dry cloth to remove the moisture on the motherboard, after being surface no moisture, using paper wrapped up had better use newspaper, then in the sun exposure. The time is about 2~3 hours. When disconnecting the newspaper, check whether it has been completely dry. Put it into the cabinet when finished, pay attention to the radiator must be installed with a little heat cream not too much or too little.

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