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Intel Coffee Lake architecture 8-generation core i7 flagship field test

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When Intel announced on August 8 this year 8 generation core processor (this is really coincidence), clearly identified by the generation of core processor will across the life cycle of the architecture innovation three times, it is the stress measure of market pressure, but there is no doubt that help consumers get the products more competitive.

Three times in this architecture, code Coffee Lake generation compared with the original "firefighters" Kaby Lake - Refresh architecture, can bear more affordable 8 generation core backbone, Lake now Coffee shop has a large number of goods, processor performance and how?

Better process, higher frequency

Before 8 generation core, Intel's "four nuclear i7, i5 dual-core" positioning has lasted for many years, but this year old foes AMD Ryzen series launched the big threat to Intel, Ryzen besides higher single-core performance, more key is generally provides more physical than the same processor as Intel core.

Intel Coffee Lake架构8代酷睿i7旗舰实测

And a nuclear war has raged, Intel launched on the mobile end quickly Kaby Lake - Refresh notebook processor architecture, the physical core processor of each class added directly to the two, the performance of ascension is immediate.

Stay mellow, Intel and upgrading the desktop platform, one pace reachs the designated position using the Coffee Lake architecture, actually had it not been for AMD sudden attack on the Coffee only 8 generation core should be orthodox Lake, Lake research and development on desktop platform Coffee has been a period of time, so the technology maturity relatively simple increase nuclear Kaby Lake - Refresh has a more optimized.

Intel 14 nm manufacturing process, as early as in 2015 released by the sixth generation of core Skaylake application, has obtained in 7 generation core Kaby technology that is optimized for 14 nm + on Lake, Lake and the Coffee is further to the 14 nm +, this is the last generation of Intel 14 nm process.

Intel Coffee Lake architecture 8-generation core i7 flagship field testIntel Coffee Lake架构8代酷睿i7旗舰实测

In short, the craft is the main benefit of update "ascension can effect comparing," let the processor in the case of better performance, remain the same or lower power consumption, according to Intel official data, Coffee Lake architecture than 6 generation core, technology lead to performance improvement is 26%, the overall power consumption reduced by 52% under the condition of the same performance.

Process optimization of another advantage, it is can let the processor with higher frequency, Coffee Lake architecture there were improved considerably and the frequency of the top 8700 k models of single frequency is 4.7 GHz core, and the i5 and i7 models of farce frequency also promoted an extra 200 MHZ.

Joint earnings and core graphics card and the memory controller, integrated display the core frequency increased 50 MHZ (but few believe that buy this level the processor with a set of it), and began to native support 2666 MHZ DDR4 memory.

Intel Coffee Lake架构8代酷睿i7旗舰实测

Of course, Intel also took a little thought. Coffee Lake's processor could only be equipped with the latest 300-series chipset's motherboard, which was much more expensive.

Actual measurement of i7-8700k, Coffee Lake strongest tone

This is a long story. This year, because there are more cars to shoot, I have accumulated a large number of video resources. Therefore, I came up with the idea of learning video editing.

Intel Coffee Lake架构8代酷睿i7旗舰实测

Currently on the market Coffee Lake core processors list below, in the case of i9 series has not been updated, i7-8700 - k, in fact, as a flagship, the role of the default frequency of 3.7 GHz, plus 12 MB cache, Lake is Coffee the most in the family.

Intel Coffee Lake架构8代酷睿i7旗舰实测

In the familiar GeekBench link, ran out of the single core i7-8700 - k 5600, multi-core score of 24000, this year we compared the multi-core performance test in 2017 with the iMac 27 inches of multicore achievement has nearly doubled, even with the leaked eight core xeon processor iMac Pro riches make, too.

Intel Coffee Lake架构8代酷睿i7旗舰实测

In the CineBench test, which is more close to the daily use requirements, the CPU score of i7-8700k reached 1449cb. In the ranking of CineBench, the processors with 12 or even 16 cores above this test score are all.

Intel Coffee Lake架构8代酷睿i7旗舰实测

More intuitively, the performance of the processor is about 2.6 times that of the 27-inch iMac in 2017 and four times that of the 13-inch MacBook Pro in 2017.

What's the use of high-performance cpus? Actually in gradually, we are enjoying benefits, to promote the operation force increasingly strong processor on a mobile device, let us spread on mobile phones from does other words to the fullness of the content of the image, will enter the era of video again soon, of course.

The same is true for PCS, where the need for computing power is urgent in a new generation of games, represented by the late 4K video and jedi escape.

Intel Coffee Lake架构8代酷睿i7旗舰实测

Whether in the video decoding related X264 FHD Benchmark, or in associated with game 3 dmark, i7-8700 - k performance have said it is ready, almost omnipotent state is exactly the same as that of its positioning.

Intel Coffee Lake架构8代酷睿i7旗舰实测

Even if your computer doesn't have these sophisticated testing software installed, you can compare the performance tests built into WinRAR to see how far your PC can go from being a leading processor today.

Intel Coffee Lake架构8代酷睿i7旗舰实测

Model confirmed, Coffee Lake mobile version will arrive

As mentioned earlier, the 8-generation core will likely enter the three-generation structure in January next year. For consumers, it is important to buy products with updated architecture as much as possible.

Nearly four months after the sale of the Kaby lakerefresh laptop, the Coffee Lake laptop family is coming soon.

Intel Coffee Lake架构8代酷睿i7旗舰实测

Current release models are all standard voltage processor, that is thin and short time also this product is not to use it, in addition to model is four core i3, other series are 6 core products.

More significantly, there are also products from core i9.

If you have a recent need for a high-performance laptop, wait a moment and be sure to buy one.

Intel Coffee Lake架构8代酷睿i7旗舰实测

Processor architecture and the number of core quietly upgrading, virtually brought computing performance of the new imagination, before more arduous VR, AR, such as application, starting from next year may be greatly reduced the threshold, and you are now "Internet, document is BuKa" computer, perhaps next year will not be able to play with the children happily.

Change the computer, perhaps from next year, it's time to be on the agenda.

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