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12-Card Standard Barebone
项目名称: S1215Z
担保机构: 还款方式: ♦ galvanized steel sheet 2U Rack mounted type chassis♦Support Intel®Skylake-S/Kabylake-S Core™ i3/i5/i7//Celeron/Pentium LGA1151 Processor ♦4* DDR4 memory slot ,support 2400/2133MHz dual channel ram ,Max up to 64GB♦Adopt B150 chipset ♦12* SATA HDD slot,Support hot plug ♦2* Intel®WGI211AT network
项目规模: 0 项目期限: 0 个月 年化收益:

♦ galvanized steel sheet 2U Rack mounted type chassis

♦Support Intel®Skylake-S/Kabylake-S Core™ i3/i5/i7//Celeron/Pentium LGA1151 Processor

4* DDR4 memory slot ,support 2400/2133MHz dual channel ram ,Max up to 64GB

♦Adopt B150 chipset

♦12* SATA HDD slot,Support hot plug

♦2* Intel®WGI211AT network 

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