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Baytrail (N39 series)
项目名称: N2928SC
担保机构: 还款方式: ♦ Fanless cooling design♦ AI alloy chassis, compact structure, flexible installation♦ Supports WIFI and 3G network expansion,provides 1*SIM card slot♦ 1xVGA,1xHDMI, support VGA+HDMI independent dual display♦ 2 *Gigabit Ethernet port ,supports Wake On LAN♦ Rich I/O:1xDC_Jack,1xHDMI, 1xVGA, 2xLan, 1xAduio, 6xUSB
项目规模: 0 项目期限: 0 个月 年化收益:

♦ Intel J1800/2.41GHz dual core CPU

♦ Intel®HD Graphics

♦1*DDR3L/1.35V /2GB memory











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