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  • Relevant provisions on the test of the motherboard sample

    1.The test party is required to provide a copy of your company's relevant information (business license, tax registration certificate) and signed a sample of the test contract and customer service negotiation.

    2.During the test period, any irregularities caused by the operation of the product appearance (impact two sales) or functional damage, by the test Party (the original price).

    3.After the test is completed, if the test pass, please pay in time. If not pass through, please explain the reasons, with the test report is better.

    4.The express delivery costs of the sample will be beared by the sample test party.

    5.The facsimile data from both parties have the same legal effect as the original.

    6.Sample testing time for the test from the date of receipt of the goods, 15-20 working days, special circumstances need to extend the time please speak in advance.The extendance is not longer than 25 working days.Over the expired time,we will consider the test party have purchased the sample.

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