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ODM/OEM service
  • Development and process:

    Hanzsung with professional technology ability and development advantages, provides all kinds of special computer boards for the customer, the product

    Customized scheme:

    * Customized motherboard,cards or other similar products can be finished within 40 working days..

    * Customized Structure Products can be finished within 10 working days .

    Based on Customer's demand,Flexible ODM design process:

    * demands of management.

    *Select suitable main components.

    *Developing hardware and software.

    *Review Designs

    *Cost, design and production test.

    *Original Moudle Developing

    *Design - test ideas and benchmarks.

    *Reliability, validation and customer acceptance tests.

    *Quality planning and management throughout the whole process of mass production, ensure mature batch production of the product.

    Customization service:

    - Custom motherboard

    HanzSung in addition to providing standard embedded board such as 3.5 inch, epic, 5.25 inches and board products PC / 104, mini itx, ATX, self-service terminal board dedicated, Q-seven etc. and also provide non-standard card customization services.

    Single board custom services include:

    * customization function, type, interface

    * the CMOS/BIOS setting of the customer

    * pre installation of the spare parts and peripherals

    * customized embedded operating system

    * the environment and the EMC test, etc.

    Machine customization

    Provide custom service for the whole machine and system solution.

    * whole machine customization services include:

    * machine structure customization

    * system assembly

    * the CMOS/BIOS setting of the customer

    * operating system installation

    * complete system test

    * the environment and the EMC test of the customer

    * certification tool

    * customized packaging

    Value added service

    Technical training

    HanzSung with IPC based computer industry applications, accumulated rich experience in technology and products, Bing to “open sharing, cooperation and win-win "concept, Han Zhixing willing to technical exchanges with the industry and share the wisdom, together for the application of computer and information technology promotion, to promote social production, the progress of human civilization. Therefore, we provide necessary technical support and training services for the user...

    Drive development

    Drive developmentHan Zhixing have their software development team, can provide product standard for windows, Linux, Android platform driver, can also help customers to complete the LCD screen, PCIe module, an infrared touch screen, buttons, and other peripheral products of multi platform transplantation debugging...

    System support

    Hanzsung technical team can help the user to quickly complete the windows, Linux, Android operating system tailoring packaged, start time optimization, driver and application layer connection debugging, and industry users need a variety of function optimization......

    Application development

    Hanzsung based on a complete development environment, excellent R & D team can quickly respond to customer needs and to complete a standards based SDK, standard Linux API development, based on GTK +, QT Ubuntu image interface development, and customer specified open source GUI.

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